About Lion’s Dream

Lion’s Dream is an upcoming animal multiplayer rpg. This MMORPG is developed by professional indie studio Game Alchemists who have already published other games on Steam. Lion’s Dream is a piece of art, designed to relax, a peaceful ark for your soul.

* * *

You will:

be part of a pack or wander as a lonely vagabond

explore the beautiful world in your own tempo

hunt prey animals to collect bones or just eat carrion

learn by hunting and become faster, stronger and more skilled or just be lazy

search for crystals to change the color of your fur or sell them on the market

* * *

There is always something to do to improve your character, but you are never forced to do so. You can also just chill in the oasis of the caldera forest and do nothing but relax.

* * *

The basics are almost complete.The map of the main world has an area of 36 square kilometers, which invite you to wander and explore. The alpha version of our MMORPG is planned to be released in the end of year 2021.