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About Lion’s Dream

In days of yore lived two great lion kings. Together they ruled all big cats, but their minds were different. So their paths went separate ways. The dark king led half of the big cats into battle. The white lion led the others to an arcane peaceful place. But whom do you follow?

Lion’s Dream is one of two games that belong together but have a different gameplay:

Lion`s Dream is a peaceful rpg. You cannot die and enjoying the life of an intelligent big cat is it`s only purpose. Explore the world, meet long forgotten friends again and reveal the mysteries of the past to be able to change the colour of your fur. There is always something to do.

Lion`s War is focussing on the fights between the packs. Preparing the next assault or organizing the defense is as important as hunting prey for the pack. You are able to die as well as you are able to kill. Follow a strong leader or found your own pack to survive.

The demo version of both will be downloadable for free. There will also be a full version available at a charge and some premium features to support us. To speed up the development and to gain access to the alpha server you can donate, too.